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Big Savings
for Members

Working with Memberly, associations can harness their health insurance buying power one member at a time. 

Since member companies in an association are separately owned, health insurance has to be purchase on a case-by-case basis. Instead of missing out on group buying power, Memberly creates and manages relationships in the health insurance market so every member gets the benefits of a large group. This includes preferred rates, value-added services, free perks, and a dedicated support team inside the insurance carrier. Memberly already has your health insurance partner ready to get started as Allstate is our national health insurance partner. 

Allstate Group Health Insurance

National Partnership

By combining buying power of franchise networks on a national scale, Memberly and Allstate are making health insurance more affordable for franchisees. Our group health plans can lower rates by as much as 40% and return unspent claims funds giving franchisees savings and cash back.

Get Your Money Back
Every Year

Most insurance plans keep your money even when they don’t pay claims. Why not have a plan that pays some or all of your unused claims funds back? We’re making self-funded health plans available to franchisees starting at just 2 employees in most states. 

No Worries
Your Plan is Level-Funded

Level-funding is the most popular type of self-funded plan. Employers pay a flat amount every month regardless of claims making budgeting worry free. There’s no need to contribute more as stop-loss insurance protects against claims above the contributed amount. 

Allstate is ready for Threshold Brands

Memberly has established an internal team at Allstate to support Threshold Brands franchisees. This includes dedicated service personnel, preferred pricing structure, and value-added programs unique to Threshold Brands. In most states, franchisees with as few as 2* employees can leverage the national healthcare buying power of the Allstate brand. 

*CA, NY, NC, PA, FL, CO, and CT require larger groups.

Create your own health insurance program with ICHRA

Per Employee
Direct Plan

Memberly has your ICHRA administrator ready to set-up your plan and manage monthly reimbursement. The Direct Plan includes:

Custom Account Design

Documents & Notices

Affordability Calculator

Daily Claims Adjudication

Employer Portal & Reporting

Member Portal & Mobile App

ACH, Check, & Debit Card

Mobile Wallet Reimbursement

Pharmacy Discounts

Document Fee: $250/yr

Monthly Minimum: $50

Per Employee
Preferred Plan

Start your ICHRA plan with more support and features. In addition to the services included in the Direct Plan, franchisees will receive:


Individual Plan Shopping/Quoting Tools

Flexible Enrollment

Onboarding Support

Post Enrollment Support

Fully Integrated ICHRA Account

Integrated Insurance  


Document Fee: $250/yr

Monthly Minimum: $50

Per Employee Concierge Plan

You can start off with the concierge plan and scale back at any time. The concierge plan provides the highest level of support and features including:


Provider Search Support

Procedure Preparation 


Appointment Scheduling

Billing Review & Negotiation

Cost Transparency

RxCare Consultations


Document Fee: $250/yr

Monthly Minimum: $50

Starting Your ICHRA

ICHRA allows businesses to offer employees a monthly allowance of tax-free money to buy health insurance. Franchisees have the ability to define unique reimbursement amounts for different classes of employees such as FT, PT, and seasonal creating an incentive program for all employees. This can be helpful for franchises with a large part-time workforce. Memberly has established a partnership with an ICHRA administrator to service Threshold Brands franchisees. This centralized approach gives franchisees a head start as the plan documentation and design will be similar throughout the franchise system. 

ICHRA: Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account

Are You Overpaying for MEC?

MEC Plan

Franchise networks can have an administrated MEC program, as opposed to buying pre-packaged plans that add excess costs. Simply pay $35/mo. per employee to our partnered plan administrator for a basic plan and budget $5/mo. for claims. This brings the total estimated cost to $40/mo.

ES or EC
MEC Plan

Most MEC plans increase in price when a spouse or child is added. This is not the case with Memberly as the administrative cost is held at $35/mo. For a spouse or child, budget $10/mo. for claims bringing the total estimated cost to $45/mo.

MEC Plan

Family MEC plans are expensive, often exceeding $100/mo. Working with Memberly, the administrative cost is held at $35/mo. For a family, budget an additional $15/mo. for claims bringing the total estimated cost to $50/mo. 

MEC Plans:
Go Direct and Save

At the other end of every MEC plan is an administrator. In between are layers of fees that may not be necessary. With Memberly, franchisees can have an administrated MEC plan, as opposed to buying a more costly pre-packaged plan. This provides franchisees with the flexibility to offer a MEC plan that meets their objectives and budget. Benefits can be added to create enhanced MEC plans designed to each franchisee’s unique needs. There are no set up fees, and you can start at any time.  Franchisees work directly with the administrator to pay monthly premiums and manage their plan. There’s no cost to review your MEC options and potential savings. 

Smarter Telemedicine

Virtual Primary Care

Walmart has acquired MeMD to become a leader in telemedicine. With MeMD, employees can access Virtual Primary Care with $0 visit fees. It’s simple, employees select their primary care doctor and stay with that doctor to manage all their healthcare needs including chronic conditions and prescriptions via online visits.

Virtual Urgent Care

When you buy a subscription to virtual primary care your employees also have 24/7 virtual urgent care for acute illnesses. Employees call in to be connected to a doctor within minutes, and medical records and prescriptions are coordinated with their primary care doctor for continuity of care.

Behavioral Health

Everyone needs someone to talk to and Talk Therapy can be added to the MeMD telemedicine program as a cost effective bundle. Employees can schedule phone or online sessions with an accredited mental health professional at a $0 visit fee making it easy and stress free to get the support they need.

Tell us about your Franchise

By providing information about your franchise we can start developing a strategy that fits your objectives. Your options may vary based on the state where your franchise is located and number of employees. You’re also welcome to call or email us.

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