Connect to a Doctor within 60 Seconds

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Our managed CirrusMD program connects employees to a licensed doctor in their state within 60 seconds via text, audio, or video.


Memberly makes CirrusMD physician-first care and guidance accessible for businesses of all sizes through our administrative program. With Memberly, groups can go live in 24 hours with no contracts or upfront costs. 

CirrusMD Virtual Care

No Waiting
or Scheduling

Simply download the CirrusMD app and start with a text “I have a sore throat”. Use audio or video if preferred.

Connect in 60 Seconds

Within 60 seconds, you’ll be chatting with a CirrusMD doctor licensed in your state. 

Stay Connected 24/7

The connection is always open. Stay in touch with your CirrusMD doctor until you feel better. 

What's Included




Sore Throat



Skin Conditions

Muscular Skeletal





Who We Service


With Memberly, CirrusMD can be implemented for both uninsured and insured employees quickly and cost effectively. 


 Memberly brings buying power and uniformity to franchise networks. We build, implement, and manage branded benefits programs.


Memberly works with unions, associations, non-profits, and municipalities to implement CirrusMD. 

There's More to Memberly

Assistance and Cash-Pay Programs

Care Options

Memberly is designed to help employees pay less for healthcare through coordination with cash-pay healthcare services.  

Insurance is no longer the only option for getting a pre-negotiated price. With doctors and facilities publishing prices, both insured and uninsured individuals can now shop for healthcare. However, finding the most affordable providers can be a challenge. Instead of going it alone, our primary care doctors help patients navigate to pre-negotiated cash-pay services when they are needed. 

Hospital Bill

It only takes one visit to a hospital to cause financial disaster for an employee and their family. But this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Professional hospital bill negotiation goes beyond simply asking for a discount or payment plan. When it’s done by professionals, cutting edge repricing technologies are used to identify errors, medical appropriateness, and excessive charges. The process also takes into account hospital charity care programs. If an employee is within household income thresholds, the hospital bill may be reduced or waived.

Mail Order

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug is a self-pay mail order pharmacy linked to our platform. 

Employees may use their local pharmacy or refer to the Cost Plus website to see available medications and compare prices. If Cost Plus has a lower price, the employee can open a Cost Plus account to receive prescription orders and pay for their medication prior to shipment. 

Prescription Assistance Programs

Many employees experience difficulty affording their medications placing them at risk. 

Prescription Assistance Programs can help eliminate or reduce the financial burden of high-cost prescriptions, but enrolling and staying in these programs can be challenging for employees. Instead of going it alone, Memberly matches employees with a prescription assistance coordinator to find a suitable program and manage the process.

Business Pricing Model