Connecting your employees to a doctor within 60 seconds – Guaranteed. 

An Employee Health Benefit for $4.60/mo.

CirrusMD provides virtual primary care for employees as a health benefit. Employees can begin consulting with a doctor in less than 60 seconds, and they have unlimited access without any charges to worry about. It’s a barrier-free way to help employees and their families stay healthy. 

CirrusMD is an enterprise virtual primary care platform with over 10 million subscribers serving Fortune 500 companies including Target, Michaels, and Circle K. 

As a Tide franchisee, you can enroll your employees in CirrusMD at your group rate of $4.60 per month.

Virtual Care by CirrusMD




Sore Throat



Skin Conditions

Muscular Skeletal








Birth Control




Allergic Reactions



Hair Loss

Heart Health




High Cholesterol


New and Refills

Sent to your Pharmacy

 or Mail Order


Test Orders

Review Consults

Program Navigation

The CirrusMD App

Waiting or Scheduling

Download the CirrusMD app and start with a text “I have a sore throat”. Use audio or video if preferred.

Connect in
60 Seconds
or less

Within 60 seconds you’ll be chatting with a primary care doctor licensed in your state.


The chat connection is always open. Stay in touch with your doctor until you feel better. 

Owner Start-Up

Your Employees

To enroll employees, download and complete the subscriber list template. Include the name, DOB, city, state, and zip code of each employee. Add family members below the employee’s name. Submit the list to Memberly. 

Start Dates
& Updates

New accounts start on the 1st of the month. If your subscriber list changes, send the updated list to Memberly before the next month starts. The updated list will be effective on the 1st of the next month. 


Invoices are sent via email by Memberly several days in advance for the next month. Make payment using the Bill.com link in the email. You do not need a Bill.com account to make a payment. 

Employee Start-Up


Once an employee is enrolled, they can download CirrusMD at the Apple or Google App Store to a smartphone.


Employees enter their name, DOB, and zip code as submitted in your subscriber list. They will also enter an email address to receive a welcome email. 

Use CirrusMD

To use CirrusMD online from a laptop, tablet, or computer, an enrolled employee can go to mycirrusmd.com and follow the same activation instructions.

Free for Families


There is no additional cost to add minor and adult children.  Minor children (under 18) are connected to the employee’s CirrusMD account. Adult children (over 18) activate and use their own CirrusMD account. 


There is no additional cost to add a spouse to an employee’s CirrusMD account. A spouse activates and uses their own CirrusMD account.  


There are 2 ways to add dependents.

1.  Include dependents in the subscriber list. 

2. An employee can email CirrusMD support to request a dependent addition. 

CirrusMD Media

CirrusMD Case Studies


Employee turnover rates were reduced by 45% among workers who used CirrusMD’s virtual care at least once.

Wait Time vs CirrusMD

Even in ideal conditions, the wait time for a Teladoc telemedicine appointment can be long.

Women and

89% of women utilizing telehealth believe it to be comparable or better than in-person care.

You'll be in Good Company

Chooses CirrusMD

CirrusMD has been selected by Target to provide telehealth services to Target team members throughout the U.S.  


CirrusMD Selected by Michaels Stores to Provide Virtual Primary Care as a Free Benefit to Part-Time Team Members

Veterans Administration
Chooses CirrusMD

CirrusMD Continues National Expansion of VA Health Chat, Improving Care Access for over 5.1 Million Veterans Across the U.S.


Threshold Brands

“Threshold Brands has upped the ante for our franchisees. With 500-plus units as a multi-brand franchisor of MaidPro, Men in Kilts, USA Insulation, Heating + Air Paramedics, Plumbing Paramedics, Granite Garage Floors, Pestmaster, Patio Patrol, Mold Medics and Sir Grout, we have experienced the incredible benefits of Telehealth through our partnership with CirrusMD.

I’m thrilled to share my positive experience with CirrusMD. From seamless virtual consultations to prescription refills, this platform has truly elevated our franchisees efforts to attract and retain employees throughout our franchisee system.  The user-friendly interface and commitment to speed sets CirrusMD apart from other providers. I highly recommend CirrusMD to anyone seeking a top-notch telehealth solution.”

Tony Mohorn

Franchise Operations Manager

Threshold Brands




“I purchased CirrusMD for my employees and my family. It’s been so helpful. I even enrolled my father and renewed his prescription in 5 minutes via text with the CirrusMD doctor. When my wife wasn’t feeling well, CirrusMD was the perfect way to get care for someone who doesn’t like to visit the doctor. You can’t beat the cost and convenience of this program..”

Jason Santiago

Multi-Unit Franchisee

AAMCO Transmissions

Lake Worth, FL



“I needed an employee benefits program, and CirrusMD was a perfect fit. My Pros can get healthcare without worrying about the cost or taking time off. Knowing that my employees and their families have access to a doctor within 60 seconds any time of day or night gives me peace-of-mind. At $4.60/mo, it’s incredibly cost effective and being able to include dependents at no extra cost is an added bonus.”

Dwight Rounds



Wichita, KS


Program Contacts


Dom Maggiore

(631) 905-6555

Send Email

Account Set-Up 

Manage Subscriber List

Add Dependents via Subscriber List 

Billing and Payment



User Support Issues

Send Email

Tech Issues

Activation Issues

Add Dependents via email

Program FAQs


CirrusMD subscriptions start on the 1st of the month. 

Invoices are sent between the 25th and the last day of the month for the upcoming service month.  

Invoices are sent by Memberly via email. Use the electronic payment link to make payment. 

No. There is never any charge to the employee or employer for CirrusMD other than the monthly subscription. 

No. Once the month starts, the CirrusMD fee is incurred regardless of early termination. 

No. The CirrusMD fee is incurred regardless of when the employee starts during the month. 

Yes. The CirrusMD subscription fee is incurred for all enrolled employees regardless of their usage. 


No. Adding a spouse and children does not increase the cost of CirrusMD. 

An employee who has activated their account can send the name, DOB, and zip code of the dependent to support@cirrusmd.com with instructions. The dependent will be added within 24 hours. 

Employers can add dependents by including them in their subscription list under the employee’s name. Include the name, DOB, and zip code of the dependent(s). The dependent will be added on the 1st of the next month. 

Yes. There is no age limit on dependents. Adult dependents will have their own CirrusMD account. 

List Updates

Send your updated subscriber list to Memberly by the 20th of the month. The updates will be effective on the 1st of the next month. 

Yes. On or about the 10th of the month Memberly will send the current subscriber list. Add new employees to the bottom of the list. Redline terminated employees. Return the list to Memberly by the 20th. The updates will be effective on the 1st of the following month. 

If additional time is needed, we can make updates one day prior to the end of the month which will be effective on the 1st.


CirrusMD is a Virtual Primary Care service connecting employees via text, audio, or video to a licensed doctor over the CirrusMD app.  To learn more visit www.cirrusmd.com.

CirrusMD clients include Target, Michael’s, Circle K, and the Veteran’s Administration. Collectively, CirrusMD has over 10 million subscribers. 

No. CirrusMD is not health Insurance and will not cover the cost of healthcare provided by other parties. 

Yes. CirrusMD guarantees your employee will be connected to a doctor via text within 60 seconds.  

Yes. The CirrusMD doctor will be licensed in the state in which the employee is located.

Memberly is under contract with CirrusMD to manage enrollment of small and mid businesses.. 

CirrusMD is not available to consumers or businesses with less than 5,000 employees. 

Log-in Issues

Check your subscription list and contact Memberly if the employee’s record is incorrect.  If this information is correct, contact support@cirrusmd.com to request an account reset. If the issue is not promptly resolved contact Memberly. 

The employee can trigger a reset by making 3 attempts to log into the app. If this does not reset their account, they can email support@cirrusmd.com to request a reset.  If the issue is not promptly resolved, contact Memberly.

Yes. Install the CirrusMD app, and activate one account at a time with different PIN numbers. 


Send your subscriber list to Memberly in a spreadsheet format (census)  A template is available in the download area. 

Contact Dom Maggiore at Memberly. Use the contact information shown in the contact center. 

No. You can stop CirrusMD at any time. You’ll be responsible for the current month and any outstanding invoices. 

This feature is optional. If you would like employees to be notified by CirrusMD when they are enrolled, include their email or phone number in the subscription list.

To use CirrusMD on a smartphone, download the app at the Apple or Google App Store. To use CirrusMD online on a tablet, laptop, or computer go to mycirrusmd.com. 

Who Can Join

FT, PT, and seasonal employees as well as 1099 workers can be included.  

Yes. CirrusMD can be used by employees enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

Yes. CirrusMD can be used by employees enrolled in other health plans. Since CirrusMD is not synced with other health plans, it cannot be used for referrals to the plan services.

Yes. Include employees from other businesses or branches in the subscription list. Indicate the name of the other entity associated with the employee.  


Yes. Employees can use Spanish translation while texting in the CirrusMD app  

Yes. CirrusMD has Spanish speaking doctors if an employee prefers to speak with their doctor instead of texting. 

Yes. CirrusMD has brochures in Spanish. These are posted in the CirrusMD download center shown above. 

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