Branded Benefits

Memberly provides a turn-key program for franchisors.

Uniformity and Buying Power

Memberly services franchise chains and franchisees throughout the US. 

Image and consistency are key for franchise chains. Yet, when it comes to employee benefits achieving uniformity within a franchise network is a challenge.  Memberly has developed a branded benefits program that provides national implementation, monthly eligibility management, billing, support, benefits brochures, and memberships cards. 

Branded Materals


Employee membership cards are designed, printed and distributed to participating franchisee locations 


Self-print and printed trifold employee benefits brochures are designed for your brand.  


Keep your employee benefits program front and center with informative posters. 

Program Management


Memberly already has national pricing in place. So, there’s no commitment or minimum participation requirement on the part of the franchisor or franchisees. 


With national programs in operation, Memberly has proven expertise in deploying CirrusMD for franchise chains.  See or franchise testimonials below.. 


Memberly does it all. From set-up to monthly billing for each franchise location. There’s nothing for franchisors to do when we run your CirrusMD program. 

Self-Print Brochures

Download and print CirrusMD brochures for your franchise brand.

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Hear From our Franchise Clients

Franchisors and Franchisees


Threshold Brands

“Threshold Brands has upped the ante for our franchisees. With 600-plus units as a multi-brand franchisor of MaidPro, Men in Kilts, USA Insulation, Heating + Air Paramedics, Plumbing Paramedics, Granite Garage Floors, Pestmaster, Patio Patrol, Mold Medics, Miracle Method and Sir Grout, we have experienced the incredible benefits of Telehealth through our partnership with Memberly and CirrusMD.


I’m thrilled to share my positive experience with CirrusMD. From seamless virtual consultations to prescription refills, this platform has truly elevated our franchisees efforts to attract and retain employees throughout our franchisee system.  The user-friendly interface and commitment to speed sets CirrusMD apart from other telemedicine providers. 


Memberly seamlessly implemented the CirrusMD program across our national network of franchisees. From managing monthly eligibility to providing branded member cards and brochures, they made CirrusMD a valuable healthcare solution chain-wide.


I highly recommend CirrusMD and Memberly to anyone seeking a top-notch telehealth program.”

Tony Mohorn

Franchise Operations Manager

Threshold Brands



“Running two high volume AAMCO shops takes a dedicated and healthy team. After doing my research, I purchased CirrusMD through Memberly for my employees and my family. It’s been extremely helpful to have an affordable benefits program that covers every employee including our part-time team members. My employees can get immediate healthcare from home or work, saving money and time. 


I even enrolled my father and renewed his prescription in 5 minutes via text with the CirrusMD doctor. When my wife wasn’t feeling well, CirrusMD was the perfect way to get care for someone who doesn’t like to visit the doctor. You can’t beat the cost and convenience of this program. 


The AAMCO branded benefits brochures and membership cards provided by Memberly have helped build awareness and increase our ROI on the program. Branded benefits material has been helpful for hiring and retention, further increasing the value of the program.”

Jason Santiago

Multi-Unit Franchisee

AAMCO Transmissions

Lake Worth, FL


“I needed an affordable employee benefits program, and CirrusMD was a perfect fit. My employees can get healthcare without worrying about the cost or taking time off.  


Knowing that my employees and their families have access to a doctor within 60 seconds any time of day or night gives me peace-of-mind. By staying continuously connected to the doctor through the CirrusMD app, employees can monitor their symptoms and get prescriptions until they make a full recovery. 


The program is incredibly cost effective and being able to include dependents at no extra cost is an added bonus. When an employee’s child isn’t feeling well, they can turn to CirrusMD any time of day or night to get immediate care and guidance.  


With MaidPro branded benefits materials and membership cards provided by Memberly, we’re able to build awareness among our employees and maintain an image consistent with a national franchise network.”

Dwight Rounds



Wichita, KS