The Health Plan That Pays You Back

Save up to 40% going self-funded

What is Memberly?

Memberly helps businesses reduce the cost of health insurance by moving to a more efficient self-funded plan.

A self-funded plan sets aside funds on a monthly basis to pay claims. Unused funds are returned to the employer further reducing the cost of the plan. Memberly takes extra steps to keep employees healthy, which reduces claims and returns more capital.

Self-Funded Health Plans

$0 Cost Primary Care

A Memberly plan has a core strategy for containing costs through better access to doctors by including $0 cost virtual primary care. Employees can see their doctor anytime from anywhere to manage their health at no cost to them or their employer.

More Money Back

With $0 cost virtual primary care, a Memberly designed plan can return more capital to employers in the form of unused claim funds while giving employees unlimited primary care and inherently better health outcomes.

No Risk Plan Design

Every Memberly designed self-funded health plan has stop-loss insurance to protect the employer against higher than expected claims. So, there’s no risk beyond the premiums paid during the plan year.

Small to Midsize Businesses

Self-funded health plans have been used by large employers to control costs and provide competitive benefits. However, smaller groups have been overlooked and underserved when it comes to this cost saving strategy. 

With Memberly, employers with as few as 10 enrolled employees can establish a self-funded health plan at any time, and there’s no minimum participation rate.

Plan Manager

A Memberly self-funded plan is seamlessly managed by one of our partenered Third Party Administrators, or TPAs. Once the plan starts, there’s nothing to do other than pay the monthly premium to the TPA.

Easy Payments

A Memberly self-funded plan is paid in equal monthly installments, known as Level Funding. There’s no other payment or liability regardless of how much claims are in any month, or for the plan year.

1.2 Million Doctors

A Memberly self-funded plan has an independent physician network with over 1.2 million doctors. Many are in national carrier networks, making the move to a self-funded plan seamless for employees.

Seamless and Simple

It’s essential for businesses to stay profitable while protecting the health of their employees. A strategically designed self-funded health plan can be an incentive for employees and an asset for employers seeking to stay competitive and profitable. Memberly helps employers balance the needs of employees with the financial objectives of the business.

Strategically Designed Self-funded Health Plans

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