A Core
Savings Strategy

With $0 cost Virtual Primary Care, there are no bills for employees or the employer, conserving claims funds in the plan while providing unlimited access to online doctors.

Savings for Employers and Better Health for Employees

By integrating self-funded plans with $0 cost virtual primary care, a Memberly plan can return more capital to employers in the form of unused claim funds while giving employees unlimited access to primary care and better health outcomes. Free virtual primary care can help conserve an employer’s claims funds through:

$0 Cost Virtual Care

Virtual Primary Care

Chronic Conditions

Wellness Programs

Continuity of Care

Choose Your Doctor

See the Same Doctor

Staying in Touch

Virtual Primary Care

Delaying care is never a good idea. When your employees have access to their doctor online, they have a better chance of getting healthier sooner, and that's good for everyone.

Continuity of Care

Employees will be managed via a EHR platform to ensure continuity within the primary care network and with outside healthcare providers.

Memberly has you covered from head to toe

The virtual primary care providers paired with a Memberly self-funded plan will maintain an ongoing patient-physician relationship whereby employees and their doctor can manage chronic conditions and medications, engage in wellness programs, treat acute illnesses, order and review labs, and refer specialists in a manner consistent with primary care. 

Choosing a Doctor

Employees can choose their virtual primary care doctor and stay with that doctor for future visits.