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CirrusMD provides on-demand primary care for employees as a health benefit. Employees can begin consulting with a doctor in less than 60 seconds, and they have unlimited access without any charges to worry about. It’s a barrier-free way to help employees and their families stay healthy. 

CirrusMD is an enterprise primary care platform with over 10 million subscribers serving Fortune 500 companies including Target, Michaels, and Circle K. 

As a member of the Business and Community FB Group, you can enroll your family and employees in CirrusMD at the group rate. 

Owner Start-Up

Your Employees

To enroll employees, download and complete the subscriber list template. Include the name, DOB, city, state, and zip code of each employee. Add family members below the employee’s name. Submit the list to Memberly. 

Start Dates
& Updates

New accounts start on the 1st of the month. If your subscriber list changes, send the updated list to Memberly before the next month starts. The updated list will be effective on the 1st of the next month. 


Invoices are sent by Memberly several days in advance for the next month. Make payment electronically using the link in the email. You do not need a account to make payment. 

Employee Start-Up

CirrusMD App

Once an employee is enrolled, they can download CirrusMD at the Apple or Google App Store to a smartphone.

Use CirrusMD

To use CirrusMD online from a laptop, tablet, or computer, an enrolled employee can go to


Employees enter their name, DOB, and zip code as submitted in your subscriber list. They will also enter an email address to receive a welcome email. 

Free for Families


There is no additional cost to add minor and adult children.  Minor children (under 18) are connected to the employee’s CirrusMD account. Adult children (over 18) activate and use their own CirrusMD account. 


There is no additional cost to add a spouse to an employee’s CirrusMD account. A spouse activates and uses their own CirrusMD account.  


There are 2 ways to add dependents.

1.  Include dependents in the subscriber list. 

2. An employee can email CirrusMD support to request a dependent addition. 

CirrusMD Media

Program Contacts


Dom Maggiore

(631) 905-6555

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Account Set-Up 

Manage Subscriber List

Add Dependents via Subscriber List 

Billing and Payment


User Support Issues

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Tech Issues

Activation Issues

Add Dependents via Email to CirrusMD Support 

Business and Community Group

Tony Buse 

(561) 373-4911

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Account Set-up

Program Questions

Program Resources

Third Party Self-Pay Services and Assistance Programs.

Self-Pay Resources

Self-pay resources are third party services that are paid out-of-pocket by the employee. With doctors and facilities publishing cash pay prices, self-pay has become a strategy for reducing out-of-pocket costs for insured and uninsured individuals.

By connecting self-pay resources to CirrusMD, employees can navigate to these services using their CirrusMD doctor as a guide. When services such as labs are used, results can be reviewed with the CirrusMD doctor.


With self-pay, employees only pay for what they use, and there is no cost to the employer. More information about self-pay resources are shown below.

Assist Health Group

Assist Health Group is a third party provider of self-pay health services. 


LaboratoryAssist gives self-pay employees access to affordable laboratory testing. Laboratories and draw locations across the US participate in the program to offer quick, high quality and affordable diagnostic lab testing for employees having to pay for testing out of pocket.

Employees can request a lab test referral from CirrusMD which will be sent to LaboratoryAssist. 

Once a location is determined, LaboratoryAssist will email instructions and a payment link to the employee. 

 Lab results can be sent via fax from the lab to CirrusMD for review and a follow-up consultation.

Find a Location



Through a network of imaging centers, self-paying employees can access affordable radiology exams including:



CT Scan

PET Scan




Employees can request a referral from CirrusMD which will be sent to RadiologyAssist. 

Once a location is determined, RadiologyAssist will email instructions and a payment link to the employee. 

Results can be sent to CirrusMD for review and a follow-up consultation.

Find a Location



The program promotes affordable colon cancer screening. The following services are provided at affordable pre-negotiated self-pay rates:



Upper Endoscopy

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy


Employees can consult with a CirrusMD doctor regarding a Colonoscopy. A referral is not required. . 

Once a location is determined, ColonoscopyAssist will email instructions and a payment link to the employee. 

Results can be sent to CirrusMD for review and a follow-up consultation.

Find a Location


Savvos Surgery Marketplace

Savvos is a third party provider of self-pay procedures performed at outpatient facilities. 


If a procedure is not urgent, employees can take take advantage of the growing market for cash pay outpatient surgery. Savvos will identify outpatient facilities and review prices and payment terms with the employee. 




Unlike a hospital, procedures performed at a Savvos outpatient facility are billed at a pre-negotiated rate and invoiced as a “bundle”. A bundled payment includes the facility and professional fees such as the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and implant (if applicable). 

How it Works

Savvos for Patients


Employees contact Memberly to access Savvos and schedule a non-urgent procedure. If a procedure is scheduled, employees pay Savvos in advance. When the procedure is completed, Savvos will distribute payments to the healthcare providers. 

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs

Cost Plus Plugs is a third party provider of self-pay mail order medications.

Mark Cuban
Cost Plus Drugs

Medication prices can vary dramatically depending on the source and discount programs available to employees. Cost Plus Drugs is a self-pay mail order option that an employee can link to their CirrusMD account..

Using Local Pharmacies

Employees always have the option to use their local pharmacy and can compare prices of medications before instructing the CirrusMD doctor to submit their prescription. 

Cost Plus Drugs

To connect Cost Plus Drugs, employees open an account for themselves and enter shipping and billing information. Once this step is compete, the CirrusMD doctor can submit the prescription to Cost Plus Drugs.

Open an Account

Cost Plus Drugs Sign-Up

Assistance Programs

Many employees and families are uninsured or have very high deductibles exposing them to financial hardship caused by healthcare costs. There are programs available that could help defray these costs, but most employees are unaware of them. Memberly helps bring these programs to employees. 

By connecting assistance services to the CirrusMD program, employees can learn about these options and determine if they eligible. More information about assistance programs are shown below.


Goodbill Hospital Bill Negotiation

Goodbill is a third party provider of hospital bill negotiation services.

Hospital Bill

There is no cost to submit an application for hospital bill negotiation to Goodbill. The bill cannot be in collections. Goodbill does not guarantee a bill will be successfully negotiated. 

Fee for Services

If the hospital bill is successfully negotiated based on a review process, the fee is capped at $750 employees in the CirrusMD program.

Hospital Charity Care

If the hospital bill is reduced or waived based on the hospital’s charity care program, Goodbill does not charge a fee. Memberlly does not receive or accept compensation on any assistance program.

Prescription Bliss

Prescription Bliss is a third party Medication Assistance Program).


Medication drug providers offer programs to help eliminate or reduce the financial burden of high-cost prescriptions. With over 1,500 prescription medications in the Prescription Bliss database, it’s likely they can find a solution to fit an employee’s prescription needs.

Prescription Bliss Monthly Fee

When medication(s) are approved and processed for shipment the monthly service fee is $39.00 per month, per medication enrolled. This is billed to the employee by Prescription Bliss. There is no charge for the medication. 

Prescription Bliss Ongoing Services

The ongoing fee is paid to Prescription Bliss to manage enrollment in the MAP. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. Memberlly does not receive or accept compensation on any assistance program.

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