Health Insurance Solutions for Franchisees

Memberly can reduce health insurance rates by 40% 

MEC plan rates can be reduced by 60% or more

Health Insurance
That Saves and Returns Money

Lower Rates
by as much as 40%

Working with Memberly, franchisees can reduce the cost of health insurance by 40% or more. How is this possible? Instead of using community rating which prices everyone the same, the cost of the plan is based on the health of the employees. This gives healthier than average groups lower rates. Most franchisees fit this profile and can reduce their health insurance premiums.  

Get Your Money
Back Every Year

Health insurance carriers keep your money even when they don’t pay claims. Why not have a plan that pays some or all of your unused claims funds back? When employees use less healthcare than expected, a Memberly health insurance plan can return unspent money to the franchisee. This type of plan is know as self-funded, and there’s no risk as stop-loss insurance covers higher than expected claims.

All the Benefits of a Large Group

The health insurance market is fragmented making it difficult for a franchise network to leverage its collective buying power. Memberly works on a national level, bypassing state insurers that monopolize the market. In doing so, Memberly secures preferred rates, dedicated group support, and value-added benefits for franchisees in every state through one central relationship. 

Commission Cap:
Pay Just $10

Working with Memberly, franchisees can have the lowest health insurance rates and the lowest commission structure. 

Commissions on health insurance can range from 10 to 20% of the plan’s premium. This significantly increases the cost of health insurance particularly for higher tier plans. As an example, a $1,500/mo. family plan pays a $150/mo. broker commission bringing the total rate to $1,650/mo. This added cost can place health insurance out of reach for franchisees and their employees. Memberly holds commissions at $10/mo. regardless of the plan tier lowering the monthly rate to $1,510 and saving $140 per month.  At just $10/mo., Memberly’s commission is less than 1% of the family plan. Even when applied to a small group, the savings can add up quickly. Why not see how much you can save?

Direct MEC

MEC Plan
Plus Claims

This is a direct program with a MEC plan administrator designed for franchisees that want maximum savings and transparency. Simply pay $30/mo. per employee to the plan administrator and budget $5/mo. for claims. This brings the total estimated cost to $35/mo.

Spouse or Child MEC Plans
Plus Claims

MEC plans increase in price when a child or spouse is added. This is not the case when working directly as the administrative cost is still $30/mo. For a spouse or child, budget $10/mo. for claims bringing the total estimated cost to $40/mo.

MEC Plan
Plus Claims

Family MEC plans can exceed $100/mo. By working directly with a plan administrator  the cost of a family plan is still $30/mo. For a family, franchisees should budget an additional $15/mo. for claims bringing the total estimated cost to $45/mo. 

Turnkey MEC

MEC Plan

As an alternative to a Direct MEC, franchisees can keep things simple by choosing a turnkey MEC plan. Turnkey MEC plans are designed and ready to help franchisees comply with Affordable Care Act at the lowest possible cost. 

Spouse or Child
MEC Plan

A turnkey MEC offers the convenience of paying one flat monthly rate with no other fees or claim payments. The plans are low cost, easy to implement, and include “Daily Usable Benefits” other compliance strategies lack. 

MEC Plan

Turnkey MEC plans are managed by one of the largest MEC administrators in the US. With multiple add-ons and upgrades, franchisees have access to basic and enhanced MEC plans as well as MVP plans to meet their compliance strategy. 


Lowering Your MEC Rates

If you’re buying MEC plans from someone else, you’re overpaying. This is because Memberly does not accept commissions in excess of $5 on MEC plans. Commissions on MEC plan can be as high as $50/mo. for a family plan. This forces franchisees to pay more than necessary. Memberly holds MEC commissions at $5/mo. regardless of the plan tier so franchisees always know they are paying the lowest rate. This rate cap applies to both Direct MEC and Turnkey MEC plans, and it can be certified at any time. 

Reimburse employees for individual health insurance with ICHRA

Basic Plan

Memberly has your ICHRA administrator ready to set-up your plan and manage monthly reimbursement. The Direct Plan includes:


Custom Account Design

Documents & Notices

Affordability Calculator

Daily Claims Adjudication

Employer Portal & Reporting

Member Portal & Mobile App

ACH, Check, & Debit Card

Mobile Wallet Reimbursement

Pharmacy Discounts


Document Fee: $250/yr

Monthly Minimum: $50

Preferred Plan

Start your ICHRA plan with more support and features. In addition to the services included in the Direct Plan, franchisees will receive:


Individual Plan Shopping

Quoting Tools

Flexible Enrollment

Onboarding Support

Post Enrollment Support

Fully Integrated ICHRA Account

Integrated Insurance  



Document Fee: $250/yr

Monthly Minimum: $50

Concierge Plan

You can start off with the concierge plan and scale back at any time. The concierge plan provides the highest level of support and features including:


Provider Search Support

Procedure Preparation 


Appointment Scheduling

Billing Review & Negotiation

Cost Transparency

RxCare Consultations


Document Fee: $250/yr

Monthly Minimum: $50

Smarter Telemedicine

Virtual Primary Care
Starting at $5.00/mo.

With Memberly and Walmart, you can help all your employees access Virtual Primary Care with $0 visit fees. It’s simple, employees select their primary care doctor and stay with that doctor to manage all their healthcare needs including chronic conditions and prescriptions via online visits.

Virtual Urgent Care
Included at No Cost

When you buy a subscription to virtual primary care your employees also have 24/7 virtual urgent care for acute illnesses. Employees call in to be connected to a doctor within minutes, and medical records and prescriptions are coordinated with their primary care doctor for continuity of care.

Behavioral Health
Starting at $2.50/mo.

Everyone needs someone to talk to and Talk Therapy can be added to the plan for just $2.50/mo. Employees can schedule phone or online sessions with an accredited mental health professional at a $0 visit fee making it easy and stress free to get the support they need.