A Financial

A Financial

We help employees navigate to assistance programs. 
We help employees navigate to assistance programs. 

Prevent Financial Disasters

Many employees and families are uninsured or have very high deductibles exposing them to financial hardship caused by healthcare costs. There are programs available that could help defray these costs, but most employees are unaware of them. Memberly helps bring these programs to employees. 

Hospital Bill Negotiation


The bill will be reviewed for errors, medical appropriateness, and excessive charges. 

There is no cost to apply, and the bill cannot be in collections. 

The fee is based on a percent of savings and is capped at $750. 

Level Criteria

If an employee’s household income is below the amount set by the hospital’s charity care program, the bill may be waived or reduced based on this criteria. 

If a bill is adjusted or waived based on charity care, there is no cost for the bill negotiation service.

Reference Based Pricing

Reference-based pricing (RBP) compares fees to Medicare to establish a fair rate. If a hospital charges 400% of Medicare, they may be willing to accept 200% of Medicare. 

The fee is based on a percent of savings and is capped at $750. 

Prescription Assistance Program


The are over 1,500 prescription medications in the program. Employees can search prescriptions to find a match or a suitable substitute.

It’s free to apply for the service. 

Once an employee’s initial application has been received, they will be contacted by a coordinator to conduct a free Rx assessment.


Many pharmaceutical companies, state programs and nonprofits have drug assistance programs. If an employee does not have insurance or can’t afford their medication, they may qualify for free or low-cost medicines. 

Each program has different guidelines for eligibility. Having a professional coordinator navigating the process can improve the outcome.



Once enrolled, the process is fully managed including gathering signatures and documents from the employees and their doctor, processing and managing all correspondence, monitoring, and placing refills, and any updates to the enrollment if required.

The cost of the program is $39 per month which is billed to the employee by the service provider.